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about enforcea

We help for better tax compliance and efficiency

Enforce A was established to support industries in managing their taxation matters, improving compliance, as well as provide better planning for tax efficiency. Enforce A has been effectively operated since 2012. We work with highest license from Directorate General of Taxes (DGT), C- License No.SI-2400/PJ/2012 dated August 16, 2012
We provide comprehensive consulting in the area of Taxation, and Upstream financial.
Our tax advisory and services cover both strategic and day to day tax matters. We are assisting clients in the area of tax planning, merger and acquisition, tax risk management, day to day tax matters, and compliance services. Our goal is to achieve high tax compliance with more efficient cost by delivering comprehensive and practical solution to our client.
Our experts pose broad taxation knowledge and experiences, involved in various tax assignments for more than 15 years. We have diversity in team background, corporate professional background in collaboration with tax regulator background, which enable us to have complete understanding of the business environment as well as a deep knowledge on regulator point of view.
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