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Indonesia is one of the best investment destination in Asia. Whether you want to start business in Indonesia, working as expatriates, or become a digital nomad, we here to help you manage your taxes and business matters.


PE/Branch Tax Compliance

Expatriates Tax Service

Digital Transaction Tax

PE/Representative Office Service

FDI Tax Facilities

W ith over 260 million population and growing demand, Indonesia is huge market for any business. Supported by rich natural resources and young demographic, Indonesia is potential for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

To attract more FDI, Government has launched many tax facilities to incentivize FDI. Corporate Income Tax Rate has been reduced to 22% for 2020 and 2021, and further reduction to 20% by 2022 onwards. There are also tax incentives available for R&D done in Indonesia, vocational education, Free Trade Zone & Bonded Zone facilities, as well as special economic region tax facilities.
The important tax facilities available for FDI are Tax Holiday and Tax Allowances.
Please contact us to obtain tax incentives for your business:

  • Tax Holiday & Tax Allowances
  • Tax incentives available for new business establishment in Indonesia
  • Tax facilities management to optimize tax efficiency
  • Tax advisory on G to G project, delivered both by Government institutions or private entities


FAQ Expatriates Taxes

When the expatriates are considered resident tax payer in Indonesia?

What conditions make a PE in Indonesia?

How to obtain a Tax ID?

How to obtain VAT-able (PKP) status?

What are expatriate’s tax obligations in Indonesia?

What are the date of payment and filing of Individual Income Tax Return?

What kind of income are subject to Indonesia income tax?

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