Our Services

Oil and gas, energy, and mining are vital industry in Indonesia. Oil and gas are still the main source of energy. Many incentives are provided to improve oil & gas production which including improvement in permit process, access to field as well as provide any importation and tax incentives. At the same time, Government is also paying more attention of green energy development such as geothermal, solar energy, and biomass.

With our experience on those fields, we are capable to provide below services:

  • Tax advisory on Production Sharing Contract (Cost Recovery and Gross Split basis)
  • Tax Advisory on Contract of Works (Kontrak Karya) and Contract Coal of Works (PKP2B) as well as License based mining (IUP).
  • Upstream Oil & Gas Fiscal/Tax Incentives
  • VAT Reimbursement Services
  • Financial Due Diligence on Participating Interest Acquisition or Farm In Farm Out
  • Tax compliance for Non Operators (Participating Interest Investor)
  • Tax audit management and representation
  • Dispute resolutions (objection and litigation)