Our Services

Successful transactions often depend on accurate tax analysis and strategy. Tax consideration and analysis must be performed since transactions planning step. It will help company to avoid taking risky transactions in term of financial and non financial, by good understanding of company tax position and tax obligation in the respective transaction. Good tax analysis and strategy is important for efficient and effective transactions execution.

We assist our client in doing tax analysis on any planned transactions. Our capabilities include:

  • Tax Opinion on strategic matters : IPO, Merger & Acquisition, Spin Off, Asset Revaluation, Restructuring and Company Liquidation, etc
  • Tax Strategy on company set up or establishment
  • Tax Clauses drafting on Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) or Service Agreement to ensure appropriate tax obligations, rights, warranties and indemnifications
  • Tax Analytics by measuring major tax indicator (such as CTTOR, Compliance ratio, Tax Efficiency ratio, etc) to support management decision and further action
  • Tax Planning for business expansion, diversification, business exits and global penetration, and other strategic transactions