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Tax audit is an integral part on any tax system based on self assessment. Tax payers are allowed to calculate and pay their own tax obligations but the other hand, Government (DGT) will conduct examination to test compliance to ensure a fully compliance tax practice. DGT recently is improving their audit strategy and is trying to increase its audit coverage ratio and targeting better result by allocating resources more efficiently.

Indeed, audit requires much time and resources to be employed and could be stressing situation. In some cases, tax payer is find difficulty in allocating resources. There is also worries that it couldn’t manage the audit well enough that potentially bring unfavorable result due to lack of capable resources or simply isn’t familiar with the audit process.

Audit is mandatory on any refund claim or overpayment. It is better to carefully manage the audit to optimize the result. We have set experienced teams to deliver best audit management practice.

What we can do?

  1. Tax Refund, Audit Management and Optimization
  2. Non-tax payable overpayment claim
  3. Objection and penalty deduction
  4. Tax Litigation and Judicial Review
  5. Tax Investigation Management