Tax Consulting
Tax Consulting
We work to improve client’s tax performances by delivering practical solutions and strategy to optimize tax efficiency as well as risk control and mitigation.

We are aware of client’s taxation matters and performances in order to keep clients sustainability and profitability. We encourage tax planning before a decision made, a discipline tax execution, and tax awareness in all level or division of the organizations. Planning and prevention will always be better and cheaper. Failure for good planning and execution will cost organization in money and goodwill. We are here to ensure client’s taxation matters on track and add real value to client’s operations.



Strategic Tax Planning and Analysis

We help client do tax analysis on strategic transactions, provide professional opinion on strategic matters as well strategy recommendation or proposal for the most efficient tax. Initial tax analysis is a vital step which impact overall company performances and tax position in the future.

What we do

Planning on company formulation and structure

Planning, designing and choosing the appropriate business form, business strategy, and business structure in Indonesia. Provide analysis on Indonesia business regulatory, requirement, as well as economic or business environment.

Tax Analysis and Professional Opinion

We provide professional advice in respect of tax treatment of an issue or transactions. Our advice is based on deep knowledge and long experience on taxation matters, tax procedure, and how a regulation is implemented. Our advice covers the concepts as well as practical guidance to allow clients immediately implement or execute the advice in business operations.

Tax Due Diligence

We help client inspect and review target company to reveal potential tax exposure and tax risk shall be considered when acquiring a company, lending, investing or taking partner position in a company/organization. The same service also provide to Seller in preparing their asset to be sold.

Corporate Restructuring, Merger and Acquisition

A complex tax issue is involved in a corporate restructuring whether spin off, expansion, holding formation, or downsizing, as well as Merger and Acquisition. We are glad assisting client to have smooth corporate actions by handling related tax issues arising before, during, and after the process.

Initial Public Offering and Listed Company

We help client handle its taxation matters for Initial Public Offering which may include obtaining of tax clearance letter, formulating wording/clause in prospectus as well as managing tax issues and obligation arise on IPO process. We also provide specific services to a listed company in doing tax obligation related to its status a public company.

International Tax and Cross Border Transactions

Our team is always ready inn advising clients for their international tax related issue as well as tax analysis in cross border transactions, proposed best practice strategy to be implemented.


Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing is hot issue in taxation world. The regulations is developing, provide rules and principle of arm’s-length transfer price as well as country tax regulations in disclosure and reporting obligations.

What we do

Transfer Pricing Documentation

We provide support to clients in documented its transfer pricing transactions accordance to transfer pricing documentation guidance and requirement by tax authority.

Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) Advisory

We help analysis client situations for better transfer pricing management and obligation. Whenever the decision to proceed with APA, we can assist client handling any requirement and issues during the process.


Litigation and Distress Management

Tax dispute, different interpretation, unfavorable tax assessment, or even unfair treatment is inevitable in fulfilling tax obligation and business operation. We may provide advocacy and acting as client’s Tax Lawyer before Tax Court to help client depend its rights and position. We also assist client manage its tax collection problem, tax installment application, penalty reduction or exemption, confiscation, as well as gijzeling management

What we do

Tax Appeals to Tax Court

Tax appeals may necessary in order to get fair result on the tax dispute arise between client and tax officer. Tax Lawyer assistance is important to maintain confidence and higher probability for success. With our strong experience in litigation, we can help client and add value for higher chance of success

Judicial Review to Supreme Court

Whenever unfavorable appeal result is exist, we can help clients to proceed further to judicial review step to Supreme Court as the last chance and final result.

Tax Collection and Settlement Management

Our services including application for payment postponement, and/or application for tax installment

Penalty Reduction or Exemption

We help client in obtaining reduction for tax penalty or penalty exemption and analyzing possible reduction or exemption available

Distress Warrant, Confiscation, and Gijzeling Management

During distress situation we can help client manage the situation, handling Distress Warrant action or even confiscation action by Tax Authority. Services may further expand for gijzeling management or hostage enforcement management.


Tax Refund and Tax Facility

Our work is to maximize tax refund back to clients by organizing the related document, good preparation, quick and appropriate responses. We searching available tax incentives or tax facilities may available for the industry and arrange the strategy to obtain those facilities.

What we do

VAT Refund

We provide assistance on VAT refund. We commit to get refund as fast as possible. We arrange set of activities that support the goals including reviewing the related VAT document, work closely with Tax Auditor for speed up the process as well as quick responses on any requirement.

Golden Tax Payer Immediate Refund

We support clients to obtain status as a Golden Tax Payers and manage its VAT refund process.

Non-Taxable Payment Refund

Sometimes overpayment is happened due to misspayment of non-taxable items or payment exceeds tax payable. We help client to manage and refund its overpayment.

VAT Exemption, Income Tax Art. 22 or WHT 23 Exemptions

Tax facility or tax incentive is significant for client cash flows. We help client in obtaining all the facilities available accordance to client’s financial position

Investment Related Tax Facilities

Some tax facilities are available for investment such as tax holidays, Masterlist facility, and/or reinvestment of profit facility. We can help clients maximize those facilities.


Tax Audit and Objection

We help client handle and manage tax audit. Our consultants will represent client before Tax Auditor, reviewing client’s document, correspondences and discussion with Auditor as well as provide responses or explanation on audit findings. Consultant assistance is significant to clients in term of minimizing disruptions on client’s routine activities as well as enhancing probability of success.

What we do

Corporate Income Tax Audit

Special Audit and Investigation

Objection Management


Tax Policy Setting, Procedure, and Manual

For better tax performance, it is important to setting corporate tax policy that will govern all level of organizations related tax activities. We are glad to help clients establishing its better tax operations.

What we do

Manual of Taxation

We write manual for clients as guidance for day to day clients tax activities, guidance on regulations and implementation manual.

Tax Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

We formulate Tax Standard Operating Procedure to be followed by all members of organization

Standard Tax Wording or Clause Formulation

We review client’s agreement to vendor, customer, or other party and help to formulating tax clause or wording to clear client tax position accordance to laws and regulations.


Tax Risk Management

Nowadays, tax is becoming more important and urgent. Management must aware of the development and take immediate actions to ensure a low tax risk and identify all possible risk in the future. We assist client do its tax risk review and propose mitigation strategy

What we do

Overall Corporate Tax Exposure Test

We run overall tax exposure test when client never done the action before, to identify and quantify potential tax exposure

Periodic Review and Internal Tax Control

Periodic tax risk review should be scheduled to maintain tax risk as low as possible. We help client do the review quarterly, semiannually or annually as per client preferences

Tax Function Supervisory

In case there is lack of resources or any request to run better tax management, we may provide supervisory services on day to day tax execution.


Operational Tax Advisory or Help Desk

We provide advisory or help desk-like advisory for any cases found during day to day business operations such as tax problem related to Withholding Income Taxes, Value Added Tax, Luxury Sales Tax, Land and Building Taxes, Tax Legal Documentation, propose actions should be taken in regards of any requirement letter from Tax Authority and other administration matters.

What we do

Day to day business tax advisory (WHT, VAT, Income Tax, LBT)

We answer any issues in day to day transaction, treatment on service utilization whether it’s subject to WHT or not, subject to VAT or not, regulations on tax invoice, Land and Building Taxes, and other matters. We act as client Help Desk provides solutions to client issues immediately through a retainer basis model or other preference model.

Tax Legal Documentation and General Provision

Let us handle all the legal documentation such as changes in name or address, reporting obligation for any transaction or transfer, and de-registration of Tax ID.

Vendor/Customer Contract Review

We help review any invoice, contract, and agreement made and advice any tax implication for client


Compliance Services (tax reporting)

For better reporting and compliance, we can assist client do the regular reporting obligations

What we do

Monthly reporting obligations

  • Monthly WHT Art. 21 Return
  • Monthly WHT Art. 22 Return
  • Monthly WHT Art. 23/26 Return
  • Monthly WHT Art. 4 (2) Return
  • Monthly Art. 15 Income Tax Return
  • Monthly Art. 25 Income Tax Return
  • Monthly VAT Return

Annual Tax Returns

  • Annual Individual Income Tax Returns ( for expatriates, executives, and HNWI)
  • Annual Corporate Income Tax Returns


Document Administration

We provide total services for client satisfaction including assistance in document administration whenever necessary. We understand that sometimes temporary resources are needed to tidy up all documentation for urgent purposes such as VAT refund, Tax Audit or Merger & Acquisition purposes. We can help provide temporary staff to accomplish the temporary task on outsourcing basis model or other preference model.

What we do

VAT Related Document Administration

We organize and review of VAT Invoice document, import document, export document for refund purposes

VAT Reimbursement Document (for PSC Companies)

We administrate and review Tax Invoice, Payment Slip (SSP) as well as Commercial Invoice for reimbursement purposes