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Upstream Regulatory Review

We provide comprehensive analysis on upstream situation and regulation to help investor take investing decision in Indonesia upstream business. It is also important for existing oil companies to keep update on the regulation development in order to maintain compliance and smooth operations. We provide review and recommendation for further corporate activities or transactions.


Upstream Tax Facilities and Importation Support

We assist client in optimizing and obtaining all tax and importation facilities available in the oil and gas operations in Indonesia to support efficient operations especially during exploration periods.


Financial Due Diligence on Farm-In (Out) or M & A

Farm-in (out) or participating interest acquisition is common transaction in upstream sector for many reasons. We can take part in client strategic transactions by providing finance and taxes due diligence services, advising tax issues in the transactions as well as assisting in formulating tax clause and review the agreement. We are happy to accompanying client and involving in every meeting and discussion regarding the transaction to support fair deal for client


Economics or Financial Modeling

Financial modeling is one of the important activities in PSC companies to analysis a project whether it’s feasible or not. Management and investor may need to value oil assets before taking corporate actions or investment decision. We help client run the financial modeling as well as doing asset valuation for any kind of purposes.


Asset Sales Data Management and Arranger

We provide dealing management services or as an arranger for oil & gas asset sales and purchase. We work together with client to arrange the data as well as contacting potential buyer and organize discussion between seller and purchaser to make the transaction happen and good deal. It is significantly reduce business operation disruptions and client will have better management on the transaction.


Permanent Establishment or Representative Office Management

We offer an efficient way for foreign investors who invest in Indonesia upstream petroleum business which don’t involve in block operatorship (silent partner). Indonesia regulations require foreign silent partner (Contractor) to establish Permanent Establishment/PE (Branch) in Indonesia that hold the respective PSC Participating Interest. Instead of directly establishing a PE office in Indonesia, hiring staff, rent office, or other administrative obligation, it is more efficient to outsource the PE legal status and management to local services provider.


We provide the services in efficient way, adopting ‘shared services model’ enabling outsourcer gaining efficiency in their investment cost. Clients can appoint us to represent their business (PE or representative office) in Indonesia. We provide all related PE legal requirements and structure that support execution and management of PE operation such as accounting and bookkeeping of Entitlement, PSC Taxes Obligation settlement, and other financial duty in regards of Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) between client and Operator.

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