Our Services

General Tax Advisory

How to deal with fast changing tax regulation? With a full load of internal tax works, most of companies are unable to catch up with the latest update on the regulations.  Staying up to date and timely information acquisition will be important to company tax efficiency and compliance. On top, it is imperative to understand the regulations correctly and implement any actions match with the requirement, so company able to maintain its compliance tracks and control tax risk.

We established advisory center to assist corporations and entities dealing with the dynamics of tax regulations as well as its complexities, ensuring the appropriate tax rights and obligations in the operations based on the latest situations. Our advance insights on tax trend and issues will benefiting in addressing upcoming tax policy that enable customer to set up advance strategy and preparation. 

Compliance & Review

Doing business require focus in energy, time, and resources. Tax reporting and administration requires the same level of focus due to its complexities and heavy administration and procedures.  We help growing your business by taking care of your tax reporting and administration, particularly for startup, small and medium size companies. Our tax review services ensure your tax risk is manageable. Our team works together with your internal tax staff to identify any incompliance and propose mitigation as well as spotting inefficiencies in your tax practice.

Transfer Pricing Documentation

Inline with the global tax development, Indonesia requires its tax payer to conduct a fair and more transparent tax practice, particularly in respect of related party transaction. To prevent tax base erosion and profit shifting, Government require tax payers to documented its transfer pricing practice with reference to global practice. Our team consists of Transfer Pricing experienced personnel are ready to assist in preparing Transfer Pricing Documentation which cover Master File, Local File as well as Country by Country Reporting (CbCR) if required.