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Oil & Gas, Geothermal Industry

Upstream business is one of our focuses. We serve foreign oil companies (International Oil Companies/IOC) as well as national oil companies (NOC) which operates commonly under Production Sharing Contract (PSC). We also serve Oil & Gas Service Companies as well (drilling companies, construction, transporter/ shipping, oil & gas equipment producer, gas trader, and others). We also provide services to downstream industries such as storage, transportation, refinery, distribution and petroleum trading.

Power, Coal, and Mining

Natural resources extraction is one of the strategic business and strategic issue in many countries including Indonesia. The extraction business commonly ruled under a specific regulation which has some specialties compare to the other industries. Coal and mining business in Indonesia is regulated under Contract of Work (CoW) or Contract Coal of Work (CCoW) and the latest by Mining License. We have strong knowledge and experience to assist client tax matters in the area of coal and mining business

Financial Services, Investment, and Capital Market

The financial services can be very complex both in operations and taxations. Huge of financial products developed by the industry, economic and business environment changes and new product development to response market demand and situation lead to complexity in taxation matters. Appropriate tax planning and tax understanding is a must to support company compliance and tax efficiency.

Telecommunication, Internet, Media, and Infrastructure

Telecommunication, technology, and Media are currently becoming an integral part of human life. This is the most rapid developing industry. The operations involve many intellectual property rights as well as other intangible assets. We are glad to provide any tax advisory and services regarding tax treatment, tax planning and management in any transaction taken by the client in the industry.

Expatriates, High Net Worth Individual (HNWI), and Family Office

Tax management is one of the significant activities for HNWI, but not every HNWI familiar with taxation matters, tax administration and management. We provide tax services or tax management for HNWI including tax management for artists/entertainers, athletes, professionals, entrepreneurs and investors in order to maintain their tax compliance and efficiency. We also help expatriates who work or live in Indonesia in doing their tax obligations

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