TEMPO.CO | 01 AUGUST, 2016

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati promised to stop all tax-related examination in an effort to support the tax amnesty program. Sri said that she had provide instructions to all regional tax offices.

“Many tax officials believed that some taxpayers are being or will be examined. Such mindset presents a dilemma [for the Finance Ministry]. But to achieve success in tax amnesty, we will stop all examinations,” Sri said during a tax amnesty socialization event on Monday, August 1, 2016.

Sri asserted that tax amnesty is the best option for the Finance Ministry to boost tax revenue without unnecessary intimidation “or having to scare businesses.”

Sri said that tax examination is considered as shameful by taxpayers. Therefore, Sri hoped that taxpayers can take advantage of the tax amnesty program to eliminate tax arrears and possible sanctions related to taxes.

Sri said that all taxpayers will be allowed to participate in the tax amnesty program. “Except for taxpayers whose investigation documents have been completed by the attorney office, we cannot stop [the investigation],” Sri said, adding that taxpayers who have received sanctions also unable to apply for the program.


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