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Sosialisasi Outlook Perpajakan 2016

  21 Januari 2016

Sosialisasi Outlook Perpajakan 2016


– I Wayan Sudiarta, SE, MM, CWM, BKP – Managing Partner

– Yustinus Prastowo, SE, MA, M.Hum – Direktur Eksekutif CITA


Discussion on PMK-91/PMK.03/2015

May 18, 2015
Discussion on PMK-91/PMK.03/2015
Internal discussion to understand further the DGT Reinventing Policy through PMK-  91/PMK.03/2015. Discussion held in Enforce A office

Enforcea New Office

May 11, 2015
Enforce A New Office
Since May 11, 2015, we are officially move to  a new office, opened by our partner with rice-cone cutting ceremony (pemotongantumpeng). Our new office is in 1st floor of the same building – MustikaRatu Center.